The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Almost)


Dear Scorch-

One week from tomorrow you start school again!

Thank. God.

You’re only going 5 half-days a week, but you need to get back to school. Last year you only went 3 half days a week and you loved it. And man, did you just explode academically and socially!  This summer you missed your friends, you missed playing with them and I think you even missed learning.  I told us how bored you were at least once a day every day this summer.  Good times.

Last night we went to an Ice Cream Social at your school and got to meet your new teacher. She seems wonderful as does her full time assistant! You’re in the same class as your BFF so you are thrilled!

Me? Well, I’m a little worried. See, there are 26 kids in your class. Twenty. Six.  That is a lot of 4 year olds- especially since 16 of you are boys.  Your teacher is either going to be batshitcrazy by the end of the year or eligible for sainthood.

I’m trying not to let the number of kids in your class stress me out too much. But I’m a mom, stressing out over you and Bean is what I do best.  Will you get enough attention? Will you be OK socially with that many kids? Last year your class had 18 kids- only 5 of which were boys. Watching you navigate THAT stressed me out- add in 8 more kids and triple the amount of boys and I may have a nervous breakdown. What if you struggle this year academically- will the amount of kids in the class hinder you from getting the help you need?

I may or may not have been up at 2 am googling classroom teacher to student ratios and thoughts on class size because I couldn’t sleep.

But, I love your school. I love the community there. So I’m willing to give this a go and see how things turn out. I have faith in this school and, more importantly, I have faith in you. You’re going to rock this school year, little boy.


Mom (who is very tired today)


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