Touched Out


When I was pregnant with Scorch I read about new mom’s being “touched out.” Essentially they spent all their time carrying, rocking, feeding and being used as a pillow by their newborn so they got to the point where they didn’t want to be touched anymore, by anyone.

I never felt that way with either kids when they were little- but I do now.

I adore Scorch, that should go without saying. But the boy wants to be touching me All The Time.  Sitting on my lap. Hugging me. Kissing me a gazillion times over and over and OVER.  If I sit down, he’s crawling over me. If I’m standing up, he wants to be held. If we’re reading on the couch together, he’s kissing my cheek or my hand or draped over me. If I’m trying to help him with something, he’s putting his hands on my face, my head, my shoulders, my arms- poking, prodding, pulling, pushing, constantly touching.

He’s making me nuts.

I never, ever, EVER want to tell my kid to stop with the affection. My extended family hugs and kisses when we say hello and goodbye and we touch each others arms when we’re deep in conversation- physical affection is key in my life. But this is more then just affection- Scorch knows it can be too much and does it now just to make me crazy; giggling the whole time as I’m dodging his octopus arms while I’m helping him tie his shoes.  He even started with the “I’m not touching” you as his little hands hovered around my face.

I may lose my ever-lovin’ mind here soon.


About Heather

I am the lucky mom to two kids. Scorch is my baseball obsessed 9 year old son and Bean is my crazy, loving 7 year old little girl. I'm happily married to the Hubs. We live in the middle of nowhere with two cats and one certifiably crazy dog.

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