The Invention of Lying


I’ve read in a couple magazines lately that when your toddler / pre-schooler  lies it’s actually a good thing- it shows  foresight, thought and intelligence.

That sounds all well and good until it’s your kid who is lying.

Scorch is going through a phase now (please, God, let it be a phase) where you say white, he says black. Yesterday he did something that got him in a bit of trouble. Nothing terrible, but he got talked to by the Hubs and I. You could see the panic in his eyes and suddenly he blurts out that the Bean was to blame. The problem is that the Bean had been strapped into her car seat while all this went down.

He was absolutely insistent that she was the culprit. He even came up with a story on how she wormed herself out of her car seat and got into trouble, then got herself back into her car seat all without us noticing.  Have I mentioned lately that the Bean is 2?!  Scorch didn’t cry, yell or get upset. That was his story and he stuck to it.

I keep reminding myself that this is a sign that Scorch is smart- scary smart. Not that he’s a psychopath. 😉


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