Boys & Girls


A friend of mine is pregnant with her second, and last, child. They recently found out they were having another daughter and they are thrilled that their eldest will have a same sex sibling. They envision the girls sharing clothes and secrets and being each others best friends. They figure that two girls have a better chance of being close their whole lives then a brother and sister do.

I was a little taken aback though because I never thought about things that way. I hope my kids are close for life and I know darn well they are broadening each others horizons:

> The Bean knows now that a hose nozzle/stick/funny shaped rock isn’t just a nozzle/stick/funny shaped rock, it’s also a fun pretend gun. She ever knows the proper sounds to make when trying to shoot you. (I’m so proud!)

> Scorch’s toe nails are currently painted a gorgeous shade of red (the Hubs is thrilled about that).

> The Bean could tell you if any one of dozens of dinosaurs are meat eaters or plant eaters. (Just don’t ask us to pronounce the dino’s names, k?)

> Scorch is just as likely to sleep with a pink blanket covering him as he is a blue one.

> The Bean will try to pee standing up upside just like her big brother if you let her (we don’t).

How boring life would be if it was only tea parties or mud pies exclusively? We’ve got the best of both worlds here!



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