Book Worm


Tonight I had a date night with Scorch and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

We both needed new books, so we drove the 25 minutes to small branch of my county’s library system that is truly a hidden gem.  Over the past week I have gotten the latest Alex Cross novel by James Patterson and the latest books by Jeffrey Deaver, Nelson DeMille and Jodi Picoult.  Books in general make me giddy. Brand spanking new books by some of my favorite authors? They make me euphoric!

Best of all, Scorch shares my love of reading.  He was thrilled to get a few new dinosaur books along with a Junie B Jones book he’d never read. We had a ball sitting in the empty library at 6:30 looking thru shelves of books to see what he may like.  When we got home, the Hubs was putting Beaner to bed so we got to dive right in while eating a late dinner together. After dinner, it was time for bed, which meant more time to read together after teeth were brushed and PJs were put on. Did you know that paleontologists think that only 7% of all dinosaur species have been discovered? Me neither- but that fact just about caused Scorch to pass out because he was worried there weren’t going to be any fossils left for him to find when he got older.

Scorch has pretty much learned all his letters, so now he’s learning how they fit together to make words. He told me today that it’s like magic and I couldn’t agree more!


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  1. “Gooks in general make me giddy. Brand spanking new books by some of my favorite authors? They make me euphoric!” Couldn’t agree more! Which Deaver book did you read? I recently read Edge.

    How true with what Sorch said about letters/words being magic!

    • Hey Christa- I got The Burning Wire, the latest in the Lincoln Rhyme series. I’ve read just about everything by him, but the Rhyme series is by far my favorite!

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