I give you the Griswold family Christmas tree!*


The Hubs is a huge Christmas nut and loves to channel his inner Clark Griswold. As such, getting our Christmas tree is Big Business here.  Growing up, the Hubs only had artificial trees so when we moved in together almost 11 years ago, switching to a real tree was a huge change.  We’ve gotten our tree from all sorts of places over the years and we always seem to pick the worst day of the year to get it- rain, snow, sleet, sub-zero temps. You name it and we’ve picked out our tree during it.

This year the kids are old enough to understand what’s going on, so we decided to try our hand at cutting down a tree.  Yesterday was the big day- it was a balmy 41 degrees out and not spitting snow or rain so off we went.  Never mind that it was  the kids nap time, Scorch was crying at the drop of a hat and that we had just made them sit through an hour of church. This was going to be fun, damn it!

And, surprisingly enough, it was!  The only problem was that we found our Perfect Tree in the pre-cut section of trees when we first got there. Scorch was not pleased at the thought of not using the saw the Hubs was lugging around, so we took a hike through the woods to see what we could find.  We did find another beautiful tree- that was 9 feet tall.  As much as I love the Griswold family Christmas tree, I didn’t want an identical one in my living room so we settled on the first tree we saw after tiring the kids out with our walk.

So a new tradition has started for our family. Maybe next year we’ll even let the Hubs use that saw.














*Not the quote I wanted to use, but I couldn’t bring myself to name this post “Shitters full!” even though it makes me laugh every time I think of it!


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