There are two things we have been doing a lot lately with the Bean:

1) Talking about Santa coming. That jolly old elf is an awesome, awesome threat this time of year- all I have to do is say “Santa’s watching…” and the kids straighten right up

2) Reading her Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. It’s been her favorite book forever and it gets read at least nightly by her father.  When the Hubs is done reading it to her, he immediately starts blowing raspberries on her bee-bo (the name the baby hippo in the book calls his belly button) and they laugh until she gets hiccups.

Somehow in her 2 year old mind, the Bean has gotten the two things- Santa and her bee-bo- combined.  Anytime we see Santa, she asks two things- is Santa coming to our house (yes) and will Santa blow on her bee-bo when he does (no).  This bee-bo blowing is a major concern because she will tell you in no uncertain terms that Santa should not blow on her belly.  Only daddy can do that.

I’m not sure why Beaner thinks Santa is a belly-button-blowing creep, but it’s hysterically funny to see her cover up her belly each and every time she see’s him!

Lala had another very quiet, uneventful night last night and day today!  Her jaundice is a tad bit worse, but it’s not in to the scary range yet, so the docs just added more billi lights to her tanning bed.  Red got to see her a few times and hopefully soon she  can start changing her diaper and taking her temp.




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  1. So confused by why Santa never comes to our house. Oh well, Hanukkah Harry was very generous to the kiddos this year (and we’re done! 🙂 ).

    • Well, obviously you have been on the naughty list. Rumor has it that it has something to do with incorrectly colored spreadsheet. 😉 Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

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