Love Thursday: Favorites


Scorch has started to play the copying game- you know, the one where he repeats back everything I say. When it starts to get annoying, I purposely say things to make him laugh – things that may or may not involve potty words not typically allowed in our house. Or I say things that I know he won’t want to repeat- like “Mommy thinks Bean is the best kiddo in the whole wide world.”

This morning when I was teasing him about how Beaner is the greatest and Scorch has stinky toes, he said to me “Mommy I know you’re just joking because I’m your favorite, right?”

I gave him the pat parental answer of how they were both my favorite and how I love them both the same and all was right in the world again. But it got me thinking- do I have a favorite kid? I think I do.

Scorch is my favorite kid because he’s typically the calm in the eye of Hurrican Bean. He’s my favorite because he corrects me when I pronounce a dinosaur’s name wrong. He’s my favorite when he’s fresh out of the bath and all squirmy and giggly when we’re putting on his eczema cream. He’s my favorite at night when we’re curled up in his bed reading a funny book. He’s my favorite when he goes up to other kids at the playground- kids he doesn’t know- to see if they want to play without a second thought. He’s my favorite when he comes up just asking for a random hug during the middle of the day. He’s my favorite because he’s my first born- the first baby I held and bathed and nursed and rocked to sleep. He’s my favorite because no matter how old he gets, I can still see that baby underneath.

But Beaner’s also my favorite. She’s my favorite because of her munchable cheeks that I frequently kiss. She’s my favorite for her sassy “I do it myself” personality. She’s my favorite because she insists she does not need your help until she tries things a few times herself and then comes right up and asks  to”help please!”  She’s my favorite because she always remembers her manners and always reminds Scorch of his.  She’s my favorite because she sleeps through the night.  She’s my favorite because she’s still laughing a day later about how the dog at playgroup tooted so loudly it scared her.  She’s my favorite because she’s my baby and she still fits so perfectly in my lap when we read a night.

Yup, clearly they are my favorite!


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