Potty Mouth



Not a word I was expecting to hear out of Scorch’s mouth on the way to school today.  Not a word I expect to hear out of his mouth any day.

I asked him what he said and he repeated the word.  I told him that wasn’t a word we say and where did he hear it.


I’m not surprised- Scorch goes to a great school but you can’t put him in a classroom with 25 other kids and expect them all to be angels.  So we talked about what the word means and how that word is unacceptable in our house.  He got it, so we moved right along.

As Scorch gets older, I’m starting to see more and more of the peer influence on him.  Wanting the Spiderman lunch box even though he has no idea who Spiderman is. Begging to watch Ironman at night- again, even though he doesn’t know who Ironman is or what he does.  Asking me if his hair looks cool in the morning on the way to school.  Wanting to see the movie the rest of the kids in his class are talking about.

At times, this peer pressure is terrifying to me. Other times, it’s hysterical. I mean, there is nothing funnier then when your 4.5 year old asks you in all seriousness if his hair looks cool as he’s preening in front of the mirror. First, it’s the same hair cut he’s had since he was 9 months old. Second, it’s hard to look cool in sneakers that light up ever time you take a step.

The Hubs and I were talking earlier today about Scorch’s new vocabulary word. We’re both in agreement that “crap” is not appropriate for a 4 year old to say.  Too bad we weren’t smart enough not to discuss this in front of Beaner because guess who has a new favorite word?



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