Peter Pan


Every Friday night we have family movie night.  I make a pizza, we watch a kid-friendly movie and the little people are in bed by 7:30.  Perfect, right?

It’s honestly one of our favorite nights of the week- a night that we are all home together, snuggled on the couch, laughing over whatever it is we’re watching.  We’ve watched some great movies- Up, Surf’s Up (that one is the kids favorite), Babe, Spirit & all the Toy Stories. We’ve also seen some not so great ones- Marmaduke, G-Force, to name a few.  Tonight we watched Peter Pan– the original.

I never realized just how PC I’ve become. There were sword fights! Man-eating crocodiles! Some not so pleasant descriptions of women (wenches & shrews)! Stereotypical  Indians! Threats to kill little kids!  The Hubs and I kept looking at each other with wide eyes.

All that said, the kids loved it!  The crocodile made them laugh and Scorch thought the sword fights were the coolest thing ever.  So we all just enjoyed it- the lessons on political correctness will come tomorrow.



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