Potty Mouth


There are a lot of words that adults say that I don’t blink an eye at – butt,  fart, crap. But when they come out of the month of my kids, they just don’t sound right.

Ever since the kids were little, we’ve substituted in more kid friendly terms.  Farts becomes toots.  Butt becomes hiney. Potty words, like poop & pee, were only allowed in the bathroom.  The Hubs and I laid the groundwork for this when the kids were little and I never really gave it a second thought.

But now the universe is conspiring against us. First, we’re potty training the Bean, so potty talk (at least the words pee and poop) has become just about every other word out of our mouth as we try to get this child out of diapers. There is a kid’s potty chair in my dining room for crying out loud!  Add in the fact that Scorch is a normal almost-5 year old who thinks the word “butt” is the funniest term in the English language and I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.

Do I  start to seriously crack down and put my kids in timeout every time an offensive term comes out of their mouth? Or do I loosen up a bit and chalk it up to growing up? Am I making the words more appealing to the kids because I don’t like them and they get a reaction out of me each time they say them?

I realize in the grand scheme, this is small potatoes. But I feel like if I don’t figure out now how far I can be pushed, I’m really screwed when the kiddos get older.


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  1. I’m certainly no parent, but I don’t think it’s a horrible problem if your 5-year-old is in love with (semi-) dirty terms, or potty mouth.

    However, if you allow the 5-year-old to say it, you better expect your younger child to say it too!

    Just be happy he isn’t in love with words that offend adults! …yet! 🙂

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