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Last week was a tough one.  The Hubs and I are facing a bunch of hard decisions thanks in large part to his job. Emotions were running high and we were both dealing with a lack of sleep- which doesn’t help a thing.  Things were just not fun in our home.

Then I woke up Friday to the news about the earthquake in Japan.  Talk about a quick dose of reality.  Yes, we have some big worries right now.  But my family is safe. My home is intact. We have food on our table and fresh clean water coming out of the tap.  My kids are healthy and whole and I know where each member of my family is.

So many in Japan still can’t say the same 4 days later.  The extent of the damage is absolutely surreal, I can’t get my head wrapped around it.

I urge you to please, please give to the people of Japan.



About Heather

I am the lucky mom to two kids. Scorch is my baseball obsessed 9 year old son and Bean is my crazy, loving 7 year old little girl. I'm happily married to the Hubs. We live in the middle of nowhere with two cats and one certifiably crazy dog.

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