Driving me Crazy


Last night as I was putting the Bean to bed, she started her night time stalling routine.  After the umpteenth time asking for food/potty/tissue/not this pacifier, that pacifier/water, I finally chuckled a little under my breath.  It was either that or cry as I still had to get Scorch ready for bed and I was ready to drop myself.  Beaner asked why I just chuckled and I told her she was driving me crazy.

“I not driving you crazy, I making you laugh!”

Seriously- that child is so lucky the times she makes me laugh still way out weigh the times she drives me to drink.



About Heather

I am the lucky mom to two kids. Scorch is my baseball obsessed 9 year old son and Bean is my crazy, loving 7 year old little girl. I'm happily married to the Hubs. We live in the middle of nowhere with two cats and one certifiably crazy dog.

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