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When Scorch was born, I was more then a little surprised that he was a boy.  I don’t know why- I have two nephews, the Hubs is one of 3 boys and we never had an ultrasound telling us what we were having, other then a hopefully healthy baby.  It was just a feeling I had- I thought I was having a girl.  Then Scorch came out and promptly peed all over the nurse- obviously my mother’s intuition wasn’t off to a great start.

So when I was pregnant with the Bean, I was sure I having another boy. And I was thrilled about that- I had 2.5 years of parenting a boy under my belt, so another one would have fit right in.  Then the Bean arrived clearly lacking the bits and pieces Scorch had and we were all shocked.  Strike 2 for mother’s intuition.

Once I wrapped my head around raising a girl, I was thrilled. I’m not a girly-girl but I am very close with my own Mom, so I was happy that I had a girl to have that same type of closeness with.  I had visions of bows and Barbie’s and baby dolls.  And the Bean is all that. She wears pig tails and loves pink and will rock her baby and pat it’s back while lovingly crooning to it.

Then she’ll set her baby down and pick up her brother’s Iron Man book.  She can tell you who her favorite super hero is, help you figure out who various dinosaurs are and laugh herself silly over someone burping.  Even those things, I get- her brother’s influence is all over that.  But then she really does some things out of left field- wiping her boogers on someone, trying to use a pillow to climb up on a chair, to climb up on a counter to open the freezer, trying to ride the dog- that I just don’t get.  Where does she learn these things?  Because Scorch, even at his worst, never did any of that. He never deliberately tried to fart on someone and then laughed like a loon.  He never drew on tables or ran away from us at the park. Who’s kid is that?

She’s ours. I have no doubt she’ll give us every gray hair on our head as we get older. And, as I rocked her tiny 25 lb almost 3 year old body, I couldn’t have been more happy about that.  I want to freeze her right now when she’s still baby enough to want to rock and cuddle, but old enough to say things that are so smart and funny.  Raising a girl honestly scares me half to death- but I’m hoping she uses her sassy, stubborn, always mischievous powers for good.  Parenting her is going to be one heck of a ride!


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I adore my family, writing, books, cats, lazy mornings in bed, and chocolate. I'll never say no to breakfast for dinner, long talks with friends and lazy summer days at the pool with family. My life is often crazy, always awesome and one I'm so happy to be living! My side hustle is editing and proofing work. Find out more at

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