The Games We Play


The Bean has a game she likes to play. The Stalling Game.  You know, the game where your kids do everything in their power to stall before bed.  I thought we were over this game, but evidently not as she’s back to insisting she needs to go potty 6 times before bed.  The minute you put her on the potty after she goes the first time, she just wants to play. Or read a magazine. Or simply goof off.  But heaven help you if you try to pry her little hiney off the potty before she’s “done” because she’ll scream the house down.

We’re on minute 8 of her yelling for me from her bed that she has to go potty.  And I feel like a jerk for not taking her. All sorts of thoughts run through my head- what if she really does need to go (again- she’s already been 4 times)? What if she has a UTI? What if, what if, what if?  So I sit here and stew and feel badly and worry even though I know darn well the minute I go in to get her, she’ll turn off the water works, grin from ear to ear and proceed to waste 2 minutes pretending to go potty.

Which makes me wonder, as I’m typing this out, if I’m picking my battles or just being as stubborn as she is.  If I go in and get the Bean right now, it’ll take 5 minutes tops to undress her, let her try and put her back to bed and walk away.  She may or may not stop crying and go to bed after that.   On the other hand, if I go in and get her right now knowing full well she doesn’t have to go, am I giving in and setting myself up for more trouble and stalling going forward?

Yes, I do realize these aren’t end of the world problems. But lordy, it’s bothering me.


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