So It Begins


Earlier today we were watching a trailer for “Puss in Boots” on YouTube with the kiddos.  When the video ended, YouTube showed a list of other videos we may be interested in.  One of them caught Scorch’s eye and he points to it and asked, “Is that Justin Bieber?”

Choking back a laugh, I tell him that it is and I ask him how in the world he knows who Justin Bieber is.


About an hour later, I was in the bathroom with the kids helping Scorch get ready for bed.  He pipes up and says, “Hey, isn’t Hannah Montana another singer?  And Taylor Swift too?”

I tell him they are and he tells me the list of kids in his class who listen to those artists.  I tell him the reason all those kids listen to those musicians is because they have older siblings who like them.  Since Scorch doesn’t have any older brothers and sisters, he’ll have to make due with the music we all like.

“Like who?”

“Like Laurie Berkner or the Imagination Movers.  And Jimmy Buffett and the Zac Brown Band. Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen.”

Scorch sighs loudly and says, “I really don’t want to talk to you about this any more. You’re clearly not cool.”

I really thought I had at least another 5 years before the kid figured that out!


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