Hands Are Not For Hitting (Maybe)


Talk to me about how you feel about your kids being physical with each other because we’re dealing with that a lot round these parts lately.

I fall into the camp that as long as no one is hitting/kicking/shoving/whatever out of anger or malice, I’m going to let the kids play.  I keep an eye on them and I intervene before I think things are going to get out of hand, but pushing/shoving/accidental hitting is, in my opinion, just part of having a sibling.  As long as the potential for serious injury isn’t likely and neither of the kids are objecting, I’m OK with wrestling or jumping next to each other.

The Hubs feels that the kids need to keep their hands to themselves and likes to keep rough housing to a minimum because he worries (rightly so) that things can go from fun playing to an injury in no time flat.  I may see that as a hazard of having a sibling, but he sees that as completely avoidable.

I certainly don’t want to see my kids get hurt and unsolicited hitting (*ahem* Beam) and being way too rough because you’re angry (*ahem* Scorch) isn’t tolerated and both kids know that.  But roughhousing? Have at it and don’t bother me unless you’re bleeding or your eye is hanging out.

So where do you fall on the spectrum?


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  1. I’m with you – rough play is ok until it degenerates into something more sinister or becomes dangerous. I even see it as a good opportunity to teach the kids to listen to each other and stop when the other person has had enough.

    It’s been interesting to watch for me because I, as you, have a boy/girl combo. I wondered if I would feel differently about the physical play but my girl is actually more aggressive a lot of the time. I guess I’d be a little bothered if she were more of a wilting flower type and didn’t like the wrestling but as it stands, I’m glad she can hold her own.

    I must say, I’ve developed a very keen ear for “shouts associated with fun play” vs. “STOP THAT ALREADY, MOM COME INTERVENE” 🙂

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