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I’ve mentioned a time or twelve that life with the Bean is anything but boring.  That child is joyful and funny and smart and animated and amazing.

But she’s also a bit of a control freak.

As one of my oldest and dearest friends pointed out when I called her in a panic earlier this week about the Bean’s recent behavior, I too can also be a control freak.  As can the Hubs- it’s his way or the highway.  Somehow Scorch managed to miss most of those genes, but whatever he’s lacking, the Bean got in spades.  Here is a conversation (I’m using that term loosely) that we had the other night at bedtime.  Beaner had seen a mom nursing earlier in the day, so she wanted to know who she knew that was also nursed by their mom.  Easy enough, right?

Bean: Mommy, I’m going to ask you a name, kay?

Me: Ok.

Beaner: Jane?

Me: Yes, her mommy nursed her when she was a baby.

Bean: Don’t talk to me!

Me: What?

Bean: You can’t talk- only I talk.  You just look at me.

Me: (WTH??) Ok, fine.

Bean: Did Jane nurse?

Me: *staring, not talking*

Bean: Did Jane nurse? Mommy- did she? Did she nurse?? Mommy- answer me!

Me: Yes


Then her head rotated 180 degrees and she started speaking in tongues.  Or at least that’s what it felt like.

You can swap in various other scenarios, but the script is the same.  Like earlier today, it was the Bean asking for a snack, but not telling me what she wanted and then getting mad when I dare ask her and getting even more mad when I don’t ask her when she tells me not to talk.  It’s maddening and I’m scared silly over how she’s going to try to lord over us when she’s older if she’s like this at 3!  Any one else raising a dictator?


Given that it’s the month of Thanksgiving, I’m going to try to note one thing in each post this month that I’m thankful for.  Today, I’m thankful for the gorgeous weather we’re having this week.  Winter is nipping at our heels so these beautiful sunny days when it’s 68 degrees out are the best gift Mother Nature can give right now.  So glad we get one more gorgeous day before the cold hits- I’m going to run my kids ragged at the park tomorrow!


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    • thanks for stopping by! Best advice I can give is to start stocking up on your answers now. 😉

      I just visited your blog- love it! Your kids are adorable! I have to ask- where did you get your site background? Love love love the bright colors!

      • I browsed through the themes and chose ‘Matala’ because it was bright and cheery.

        We knew from the day he was born the little one would be wild, keeps us on our toes! My oldest was an angel – and still is.

        Thank you so much, I love hearing and sharing stories about our amazing little people!!

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