A Whole New World


It’s no secret that I love to read.  I love being able to find new worlds, new friends and new experiences in the pages of a book.  I love being able to share my love of books with friends and family and geeking out with complete strangers over how awesome The Hunger Games is.  I don’t have a lot of extraordinary talents to pass along to my kids- I’m not really athletic, nor am I any kind of artist- but I do have my love of books.  We read to the kids at least 2 books a day and the centerpiece on our coffee table in the living room is a stack of books.  If I pass along one things to my kids, I really hope it’s this passion for reading.

So far the kids seem to love books- both kids will happily pick up a book and leaf through it while making up their own stories. But tonight we hit a whole new level when we went to Family Reading Night at Scorch’s school.  The night was designed to give the kindergarteners a chance to show off their newly acquired reading skills.  Frankly, I didn’t even know Scorch had reading skills- I knew he could read his sight words and identify other common words that we work on, but I didn’t know he could actually really read.  But he can.  And that is astoundingly, amazingly awesome.  I am so excited to see Scorch’s reading skills explode this year- I can’t wait until he’s reading to me every night!

Tonight I’m thankful for smart kids, dedicated teachers and whole new worlds opening up to my son!


About Heather

I adore my family, writing, books, cats, lazy mornings in bed, and chocolate. I'll never say no to breakfast for dinner, long talks with friends and lazy summer days at the pool with family. My life is often crazy, always awesome and one I'm so happy to be living! My side hustle is editing and proofing work. Find out more at https://heathercaryn.com/

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