An Act of Defiance


I’m not sure who’s 5 year old was living with us today, but I don’t think it was Scorch.

This little boy was rude, argumentative and defiant.  My Scorch isn’t a perfect child, but he’s always been a pleaser. When he acts out, my Scorch wants to make it better and really doesn’t want to be in trouble. This Scorch? He basically begged to be put in time out multiple times today.

It all started with a plethora of potty words this morning.  Every other word in the Christmas carols he was singing were replaced with “poop” and it was making me crazy. After the 3rd warning, I told him that each and every time I heard a potty word come out of his mouth, he’d sit in timeout.  He was walking down the stairs at the time and I swear to you, that child turned around, looked right at me and said “Poop” as distinctly as he could.

Well then.  Welcome to time out, Scorch.

Things improved moderately during the day but when it was time for bed, the other Scorch appeared again.  This child, when told he must go brush his teeth, looked right at his father and said “I don’t have to listen to you.”

The best (?) part was the minute he said this, Scorches eyes got huge because he knew he just crossed a major line and he had no idea what would come next.  But, very similar to his father, once he committed, he just went with it and dug himself in that hole that much further. “You are not the boss of me and I do not have to do what you tell me to.”  I give him credit for not giving into his common sense and self preservation and just running with his sassiness.

After a suitable punishment, some tears, and a 5 minute long teeth brushing session, Scorch finally went to bed. I’m really hoping this changling child who woke up in Scorch’s bed is gone tomorrow and my sweet boy is back. Other wise it’s going to be  a long, long day.



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  1. I don’t know what it is about age 5, but Pacey is usually my easy kid and he’s been a little challenging since his birthday! I think this is the first crossroads at which they are stretching for a little independence but just aren’t quite mature enough to figure out how to go about it!

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