Holiday Cheer from the Sick House


Today I got the dreaded call. As soon as I saw the school’s name pop up on the caller ID, I knew that one my kids were either hurt or sick. Honestly, I was hoping for hurt this close to the holidays.  But nope, it’s a sick kid who puked in the cafeteria.   Poor Bean.

I’ve documented a time or two my fear and loathing for all things vomit, but I thought I had done a good job keeping my anxiety to myself.  Not so much.  When leaving school, Scorch refused to walk within a 5 feet of the Bean and he flat out refused to get in the car  on the same side as her because sick people “creep” him out and he didn’t want to get puked on.  I think it’s safe to say that I may have scarred my kid out of a career in medicine.


We all spent Scorch’s 1st Christmas sick with a stomach bug. I got it the night of the 24th, Scorch the night of the 25th and the Hubs the morning of the 26th.  I’m really hoping that this year isn’t a repeat of that because that, frankly, was miserable.   There is nothing fun about having to cut your 6 month olds clothes off him because he’s crapped all the way up to his neck due to a stomach bug when you’re sick too.  Oh well- at least the kids are old enough to hit bucket now.


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