Funny Fairytale


The kids and I go to the library once a week without fail. Some weeks the kids are fantastic- they leaf through their books, color all the print outs around and are the type of kids the librarians beam at. Then we have weeks like this one where they are more interested in playing hide & seek or spies to really care about the quieter joys the library has to offer.  I like to take my time finding just the right books for the kids, but on weeks like this one, I just shove whatever I can find that looks appealing in a pile while frantically trying to herd the kids to a quiet corner.

This week it worked to our favor because I managed to pick a little gem that has had the kids laughing for two nights now.  They have gotten the biggest kick out of An Undone Fairy Tale by Ian Lendler. It’s a story within a story- the first is about a damsel in distress locked away in a tower and the knight who tries to save her, the 2nd is about the illustrator of the book who can’t keep up with how fast we’re reading, so he has to substitute in whatever he has on hand for the horses, dragons and moat monsters.  It’s clever and silly and much loved in my house.

It also reminded me of two other of my favorites in the house- The Paperbag Princess and The Princess Knight.   If you have any good books to recommend, please let me know!


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  1. Story time is the best, isn’t it? 🙂 For a while, our kids loved Monkey See, Monkey Do. Very cute illustrations and a quick read. I also like reading them Robert the Rose Horse and any of the Uncle Wiggily books (which I used to read to Izzy) – nice reminders from my childhood which I can carry forward. Right now, Shayna seems to be partial to the Fancy Nancy series and Love You Forever, which always gets me a little choked-up … although the part where the mother drives over to the grown man’s house, lets herself in, and comes into his bedroom is a touch creepy. 🙂

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