Disney Bound- Calling All Experts!


We’re heading to Disney World this spring and I cannot wait! We’ll only be there for 2 full days this year as, frankly, I think the Bean is a bit young to do a big trip yet.  So I want to make this visit as fun and stress free as possible in order to whet the kids appetites for when we’re lucky enough to come back and stay  longer.

That said- since we only have 2 days, what should we do and see? Our current game plan is to spend one full day at the Magic Kingdom.  Now I need to figure out what we should do while we’re there? What are the must-do rides/attractions for 5 and 3 year olds?  The Bean isn’t into princesses, so I’m not stressing about Cinderella’s castle.

If we can’t fit it all in on Day 1, we can absolutely go back  to the Magic Kingdom again on Day 2.  But if we’ve had our fill, I’m trying to figure out where to spend our 2nd day.  Do we try Animal Kingdom? One of the splash parks? MGM?

It’s been a good 10 years since I’ve last been there (and I was a newly wed with no kids!), so I’ll take any suggestions and advice!


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  1. I practically grew up at Disney and I can remember like it was yesterday when I took my now 18 year old for the first time. I’m dying to take my little one!
    My reccommendation to anyone with small children is to get a vacation package. Stay at one of the All Star Resorts. They are extremely family friendly. In the package you get meal and shopping discounts. Also you can get portraits with Mickey and THE MUST a character breakfast.
    If they have line hopper passes- get them. Literally, the last time I went to the Magic Kingdom, we rode 3 rides (because the lines are looooong) and spent $30 for a burger
    There is a area, I think it’s Mickey’s birthday land, I can’t remember, but it has stuff for little ones.
    Don’t miss the parade! It’s where you see ALL the characters.
    Rocky has fireworks at night if the little ones make it that long.
    My sister and I would take our kids to a Disney hotel and not even go to the parks. We would take the ferries ( free of charge ) to different hotels and to Downtown Disney. From there you can see the fireworks, have fountains to play in, Lego store, a choi choo to ride and a play area. We would go to Ghirradeli and get coffee and snacks and walk around and let the kids play.
    It does get seriously crowded. And hot! Use sunscreen!
    Animal Kingdom was ok.
    Epcot is different countries, each with thierry own food and maybe one ride.
    I have not been to the water parks.
    If you’re not limited to Disney, there are other attractions like Ripleys Museum. A few miles away is MGM-fun! And Universal-fun!
    If you have questions I’ll help out any way I can.
    I’m excited for your family to get to go-you’ll love it!!!

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