Little Snot


The Bean has had a rather rough weekend.

She woke up Saturday unhappy- her PJs weren’t comfy, she didn’t want to watch anything on TV, she didn’t want to play a game, she had to go potty put didn’t want to get up and on and on and on.  At first I chalked it up to her not getting enough sleep and being mad at the Hubs and I for leaving her with a sitter Friday night but about an hour after getting up, she laid down on the kitchen floor, burst into tears and told me her throat hurt.  We were at the doctor’s an hour later to confirm that the Bean had strep throat.

The Bean sobbed the entire 15 minute car ride home because strep throat meant missing her best friend’s birthday party that morning.  A party that promised her closest friends, bouncing in bounce house and cake- all before noon.  She was heartbroken to miss out on the fun.

To add insult to injury (or in this case, illness), the Hubs and I have spent all weekend long trying to sneak the Bean her medicine. I’ve chronicled our complete failure at getting the Bean to take liquid medicine , so her doctor and I agreed that getting her antibiotic in capsule form may be easier. This way I could just break apart the capsule and sneak the powder into her food- easy peasy.

Hahahahahahaha….clearly, I’m overly optimistic.

First, no matter how we pulverize the damn powder, I can’t get it fine enough to blend into her drinks- it floats on top. She doesn’t like the consistency in her food even though we’ve tried everything- including the brilliant idea of crumbling oreos into her pudding to mask the grittiness.  We’ve managed to get a lot of the meds down her, but it’s been a battle- the poor Bean doesn’t want to eat anything we give her anymore because she’s sure we put meds in it now.

She finally lost it before bedtime and just cried and cried. She’s normally a tough cookie, so I was feeling horribly for her. I laid down next to her and we were having a sweet little conversation about how I’m glad she felt better and the importance of medicine and how proud I was of her for being so brave. During the talk she’s cuddling against me- a rarity in itself- when she snuggled her head in closer to my shoulder. I asked her if she was getting comfortable and she said, “nope, I’m just wiping my boogers on you.”

Of course she is. So glad she’s feeling better and back to her charming self.



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