The Other F Word


Dear person who taught my son the word “fart,”

I don’t like you. At all.

*sigh* Like a lot of words, I’m finding that some sound very different when coming out of the mouth of an adult versus that of a child. And lately that word for me is fart. We have always used the word “toot” before- it just sounded softer and kinder.  But within the past few months, Scorch learned the word fart and I swear to you he drops it at least 2 dozen times a day.

He’s not using it to call people names or anything, he’s just simply saying it all. the.damn. time. to himself because the boy never stops talking. If he’s not talking to us, he’s talking to himself or his sister or the cats or the dog and somehow that word gets weaved in there. It’s a noun, adjective and verb all rolled into one given the creative ways this child finds to use it. We remind him a gazillion times a day that that word is Not Allowed and that may stop him for 5 minutes, but he’s at it again in no time. When we yell at him, he simply says that he forgot.

So, I’m trying to figure out when to let this one go. His friends use it. The older kids he knows use it. Heck, his father has been known to use the word in front of him before. I realize that on the scale of unacceptable words, this one is pretty low on the list but it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. Think I’ll eventually become immune?


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