Not For the Weak or Easily Confused


I knew life wouldn’t be boring thanks to my kids, but lately they are making my brain hurt. In the past 24 hours, we’ve discussed:

> What an electric chair is and why it’s used (thanks, Billy Joel!)

> Why some pen!ses look different then others…

> Which lead us to a great discussion on circumcision, how it’s done and why some people do it.

> Why doing things like tooting, picking your nose and wiping your nose on your shirt isn’t acceptable (not that my kids do those things- obviously we were talking about other kids)

> And one more thing that I can’t remember because too much of my brains had already leaked onto the floor. I think it was about why Scorch needed to wear a cup for baseball, what a cup does, etc.   I had already blacked out by then.

Parenting is so kicking my butt today.



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