Now I Remember


We had one of those nights where I felt more like a referee then a parent. I didn’t talk to my kids about their day or enjoy funny conversations over dinner. Instead, I listened to tattletaling and bickering. I broke up arguments and fights- sending each kid to their room at least once. I mopped up tears, yelled loudly to be heard over their yelling and counted down the minutes until bedtime.

When the blessed time finally arrived, I asked to the kids to get out the books they wanted to read before bed. Scorch quickly grabbed the Star Wars book he got from the library at school, eager to see what Anakin was up to. We didn’t have time to read the whole book, so Scorch gave me the bookmark he made to hold our place.

Scorch’s bookmarks are usually decorated with dinosaurs and super heroes- so I was surprised to see Tinkerbell gracing this week’s place holder. When I asked him why he picked Tink this week, he simply told me he knew it would make the Bean happy.

Now I remember why I wanted two of them.


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  1. Jeez, my two have really been at each other’s throats the past couple of weeks too. The tattling and generally pushing of buttons has really starting getting to me. But then they stick up for each other when one is being disciplined and still really just want to be with each other. I am so grateful they have each other but I am even more grateful they will both be going to summer school for the month of June!! 😉

  2. P.S. I’m not on twitter, but your tweet about including a male in your emails addressed to “Ladies” just made me snort out loud! Oooooooops.

    • Oh my goodness- I was so embarrassed. He has one of those names that could be for a man or a woman- and he has the traditionally female spelling of the name to boot. That said, he signs all his email with his full name- including his very traditionally male middle name. I should have paid better attention and not made assumptions. Thankfully he accepted my apology with good humor. 😉

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