Dating- Old Folks Style


My parents, bless their hearts, took the kids Saturday afternoon for the weekend. It was like a gift from heaven. I love those buggers more then life, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to be a parent for 26 hours.  So how does a couple who’ve been together 14.5 years spend that much time without their kids? Read on…

After wasting time at home for a few hours doing nothing more taxing then reading my Nook, the Hubs and I went to see Battleship. It was exactly how you’d think it would be- a fun, shoot ’em up alien movie with a hot cast. It didn’t make much sense, but we both really enjoyed it for the mental floss it was.

On our way out of the mall, we walked by the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym to get to get to our car. There were a ton of people coming in and out (odd for 9:30 pm) and lot of noise. After being nosy and peeking through the windows we figured out they were having a MMA tournament. The bouncer saw our interest and asked if wanted to come in. Since the matches were 75% of the way complete, they let us both in for the price of 1 and we figured what the hell.

So that is how I ended up spending the end of our first date night in forever watching grown men beat the snot out of each other instead of over drinks and dinner.

It’s hard to tell, but we were in the Family/ Staff area and on the other side of the ring there were about 200+ people watching the matches. I admit to being fascinated with MMA / UFC since seeing Warrior (if you haven’t seen it, rent it. Now. Hand’s down the best movie we saw in 2011) but I was surprised how into it we got. I mean- it’s brutal. One guy got a compound fracture in his foot- it was gross. And, again, fascinating.

We hung out for about an hour before heading home because we’re old. And because we had to get up at 6:45 the next morning to go work out. The Hubs teaches a bootcamp style class with another trainer and typically I can’t go due to those pesky kids of ours. But there was no way he was letting me sleep in on Sunday while he went to teach, so off to class I went.  Now- the Hubs and I haven’t worked out together since 2001. The Hubs is hardcore into fitness and takes his workouts very seriously. I work out so I don’t gain too much weight and get diabetes.  Last time we worked out together in 2001, the Hubs stormed out of the gym because I rolled my eyes at him and refused to do another rep of something or another. Not our finest hour- so much so its taken us 11 years to try it again. I honestly don’t know who was more nervous heading in!

But, we did fine! The class was great- so great in fact that it currently hurts to laugh, bend over, raise my arms above my head, sneeze, cough and sit down.  After that 1 class, I’m frankly glad the kids force me to stay home and miss out- my muscles can’t handle much more of that!




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