Sanity Saver: Book Edition


The other day when we were able the library, I picked up a book on CD for the kiddos on a whim.  The book is Young Fredle and I got it because the cover art was adorable and it was right by the librarian’s desk. The book is about a young house mouse name Fredle who suddenly finds himself outside- where he has to make new friends, find a new home and figure out how best to live.  The book (we’re about half way through) is utterly charming- but best of all, it’s long (about 5 hours give or take).

This, ladies & gentleman, is why my kids no longer fight in the car. My kids are enthralled- they are so busy listening they forget to beat each other up!

Honestly, the book is a little old for them. I found out after I got it that it’s targeted for kids 8 and up and there are some parts that go right over both kids heads (Bean’s especially), but they love listening to it and we find ourselves talking about Fredle a lot even when we’re not in the car.  Scorch is having a lot of fun trying to guess what things Fredle is describing since a house mouse has no words for things like a lawn mower or flowers.  We stop the CD often to talk about words the kids don’t know- like “impenetrable” or “hesitant.”

My impulse grab has turned out to be my best decision in a long time!



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