On Saying Goodbye


The Hubs grandfather is dying. He’s been sick for a few years now, but in these past few months, he’s quickly gone downhill and Hospice has said it won’t be long now. My kids are extraordinarily lucky that they have their great-grandparents in their lives- we see them multiple times a year, we’ve gone on vacations with them and their home is one of Scorch’s favorite places on earth.

The kids know that Gramps is very sick and that he’s going to die soon. As much as it hurts me and the Hubs, we try not to shy away from discussing this with them because I don’t feel like that helps a darn thing.  But knowing someone is going to die and then them actually doing so are very different when you’re 4 and 6.  I bought Maria Shriver’s What’s Heaven? book to read to the kids, but I’m wondering if anyone else has any suggestions, thoughts or words of wisdom?  We are religious and the kids go to a Catholic school so the topics of heaven, a soul and all that are somewhat familiar, if abstract, concepts to them.  At the end of the day, I want my kids to know that whatever they are feeling is perfectly fine and that death isn’t a horribly, scary thing.

I appreciate any advice!


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