How To Make Your Daddy Freak


The Bean started school today and she’s in class with most of the boys from her class last year. This wasn’t by accident. Beaner was originally placed in another class, but for various reasons we requested she be put in this class. The fact that she spent most of her time last year playing with the boys and she was beyond upset not to be with them again did play a (small) part in our request.

Tonight after school the Hubs was asking the Bean about her first day. Did she cry? Was she excited? Did she have fun? What did she learn?

“Well, I learned I don’t want to marry Landon anymore. Or Lucas. I’ve decided to marry Connor when I get older.”

Ok then.

The Hubs is now seriously reconsidering asking the Bean be switched back to the other class now.



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  1. Ha! At least she specified “when she’s older!” I don’t know if it’s better or worse but the only person B ever indicates she’d like to marry is her brother 🙂

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