Pod People


A few weeks ago I got so disgusted at the state of our living room/dining room/kitchen (all essentially one big room) that I started a 5 minute clean up period before the kids went to sleep. I set the timer on the oven and we work our butts off to clean up what we can in 5 minutes. This means picking up all the toys, cleaning the table, and making sure backpacks are emptied every night before they go to sleep.  I expected a lot of resistance on this on when we started and really thought it would be like pulling teeth.

Nope. If anything, the kids love 5 Minute Clean Up too much.  We weren’t home last night and we weren’t home much of tonight either, so when it was time for bed there wasn’t a need to clean up- things were still tidy from Sunday.  Both kids cried. Flat out cried when I told them there was no need to pick up tonight.

I have no idea when my kids were taken over by Pod People, but I’m not complaining!


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