Not a Good Sign


After last school year, the one things I wished for this year more then anything was health. Last year, the Bean got her butt kicked by colds, strep throat, 3 stomach bugs and everything else in between. Thankfully nothing she had last year was serious- but it was constant from September though March.  I was hoping and praying this year would be different- that after one year of school under her belt she built up enough immunities to stay healthy.

Turns out I was concentrating on the wrong kid.

Scorch started coughing about 10 days ago and he complained a few times that his throat hurt. I didn’t think much of it- figured the hurt was from the cough- until I heard there were two kids in a his class with strep.  Friday I took him to the doctor to find out he doesn’t have strep (good!), but he does have pneumonia.

Excuse me?

Thankfully it’s a very mild case of it and presents itself now only as a cough. We have the poor kid on medicine and we’re forcing clear liquids on him like it’s our job- but this was not the start to the school year I was hoping for.   Fingers crossed that Scorch is better soon and that this is the worst of it for the rest of the year.


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  1. Oh you poor thing. If it’s not one, it’s the other right?? And I just love how great it makes you feel as a parent when you get a surprise diagnosis like that. It’s only better when you lay into your kid for acting like a complete jerk, only to find out the reason they were acting that way is because they were feeling like complete donkey doo.

    Our winter was too easy last year…I have bad feelings about this one. I’m currently just waiting for the first drippy noses and coughs to cease so I can whisk them in for their flu shots.

    Hope your poor boy gets better fast and that the rest of you stay well!

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