Oh this child of mine.  She’s the light of my life and the cause of every gray hair on my head.

> The Bean has recently discovered the song/book “The Farmer in the Dell” only she’s convinced it’s called “The Farmer and the Hen” and there is no convincing her else wise.
> She had gymnastics after school today- unfortunately she seemed

to have lost her ability to listen at school.  She was a complete and total stinker all class long.  At one point, the kids were lining up to get on the big balance beam. When they line up, they have to sit/stand on their rubber dot so they always know where their space is.  Bean decided waiting in lines was for suckers, so she walked over to the big mat that they jump on.  The teacher was busy with other kids, so I told her to go back on her dot pronto. So she went over, picked up her dot, picked it up and carried it back to the mat and sat on it there. Then she looked at me and said “There, now I’m sitting on my dot.”

> When we got home, Bean decided to play school.  She pretends to call out her classmates names and said “Landon, Sammy, Owen- whatever your name is. I’m too tired to remember. Come over here anyhow.”  Bwhahahahahaha- I really hope she didn’t pick that from her teacher.

Good lord, I love that kid.


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