I think there is something wrong with me. Let’s look at the evidence:

1) Last weekend, I ordered our Christmas cards (they arrived today- they are gorgeous!).

2) Tonight instead of putting together a meaningful blog post and/or folding laundry, I’m creating Christmas lists for everyone (think “everything Star Wars from Target” is specific enough for what to get the kids?).

3) I’ve already purchased a few Christmas gifts- mainly for my niece because she’s 1 and clothes for little girls are my kryptonite, but still, I have gifts regardless of who they are for.

I don’t normally worry about any of this until after Thanksgiving. It’s not even Halloween yet. Am I maturing? Growing? Learning to be someone who plans ahead? I just don’t know who I am anymore- and it’s scaring me.



About Heather

I am the lucky mom to two kids. Scorch is my baseball obsessed 9 year old son and Bean is my crazy, loving 7 year old little girl. I'm happily married to the Hubs. We live in the middle of nowhere with two cats and one certifiably crazy dog.

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