The Same, But Different


Before Bean was born, I had a 3D ultrasound. I still remember being struck at how much the child in my belly looked like her big brother.  And when she was born, I was flat out amazed at how much the kids looked alike as babies. When I compare their newborn pictures, I have a very hard time figuring out which kid is which without any context.


Both kids- hours old. Any guess who’s who?


Beaner is currently asleep in bed wearing a mismatched bathing suit as PJs. Her bottoms are on completely wrong and her top is at least a size too small for her. Do I care? Not at all.  She’s happy and went to bed without a peep, so I’m happy.

Scorch couldn’t figure out what he thought of the Bean’s sleepwear choices. Part of him thought it was hysterical while the other was slightly perturbed that the natural order of things had been upset. When I asked him if he wanted to wear something wacky to bed, he politely declined, telling me God made PJs for a reason and that was that.

And that right there sums up both my children perfectly!



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  1. Oh, I LOVE seeing these pictures. Sibling resemblance fascinates me. My two inherited SUCH different traits from Chris and I, and they look absolutely nothing alike in any of their baby photos. These are so, so cute.

    My guess is Scorch on the left, Bean on the right. My logic being that there is a homemade-looking hat on the left-hand baby, but a hospital hat on the right…and we all know we get lazier and less prepared with each baby, right? 🙂

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