Dribs & Drabs


Oh man, the week back from vacation was just brutal! The laundry, the exhaustion and the unpacking alone was enough to do me in, but you add in a 4 year old who cried every morning that she didn’t want to go to school and the start of daily 5:30 am workouts and by Friday night was D.O.N.E. Like “laying on the couch ready to cry because I’m so tired at 9 pm” done.

There were a few bright spots this past week though, like-

> How Scorch wanted to do nothing on Saturday but read his book- to the point where he brought a flash light with him Saturday night so he could read in the dark on the way home in the car (a boy after my own heart!)

> The Bean trying to convince me that her teachers told her that she and Scorch were not allowed back in school anymore. When I asked her why not, she told me they were too awesome to go to school. (thank goodness being awesome is not punishable).

> Having kids old enough to not only go out and play in the snow, but able to dress themselves appropriately without any help. What do they need me for anymore?!

> Seeing favorite family members and old friends on one of my favorite days of the year (that would be Parade Day in my hometown- the day we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day). The celebration is much,  much different with kids, but still a great day regardless. Added bonus? Watching my kids be amazed at the bagpipes!

> Editing pictures from our trip to FL and finding some gems that make me happy every time I look at them

This week hasn’t started out so great either since Scorch got sick at 5 am this morning, but that means it can only go up from here, right?!


About Heather

I adore my family, writing, books, cats, lazy mornings in bed, and chocolate. I'll never say no to breakfast for dinner, long talks with friends and lazy summer days at the pool with family. My life is often crazy, always awesome and one I'm so happy to be living! My side hustle is editing and proofing work. Find out more at https://heathercaryn.com/

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