It’s Magic!


For the past few weeks, the Bean has fallen asleep on her floor on an old nap mat from preschool. I can’t imagine it’s all that comfy, but what the heck do I know. It makes her happy and she falls asleep quickly so we’re just rolling with it for now.  When either the Hubs or I go to bed a few hours later, we move her into her bed, turn on her night lights and close her door.

Evidently all this has blown her mind.

Mom- there’s something weird going on.


Every night I fall asleep on my floor with the lights off and my door open. But when I wake up, I’m in my bed, the light is on and my door is closed! I don’t know how that happens!!

Now, the first time she said that to me, I thought she was being sarcastic and joking with me, which is why I answered like I did.

Did you think maybe it was me or Daddy that moved you?

No (the “duh” was very clearly implied in her best impression of a 14 year old), you two are already in bed when this happens.

Hmmm…so what do you think is going on, Bean?



Dear lord, don’t let 4 year olds (even those who think her parents are dumb as dirt) ever change!


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