Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Hi.


Before I had kids, my friend Jo and I would frequently hit up a local walking trail with the dogs.  It was a great way to exercise and get all the latest gossip.  Well, Jo and I are now have two kids apiece- 3 of whom are all old enough to go for an easy hike.  So we threw her youngest into a carrier and took the other three out on the trail.  In my mind, I figured the older kids would run ahead and entertain themselves and Jo and I could get back to our gossiping ways.

Yeah, clearly I’ve never spent any time with my kids before ever.

The walking trail borders a few small lakes and streams. So I spent the whole 2.5 mile walk telling my kids- repeatedly, every 10 steps- why they couldn’t go in the water. Evidently the fact that part of the lakes/streams were still frozen wasn’t good enough.  Nor was the fact they had on sneakers, not rain boots, and if they got their feet wet they’d have to walk back in wet shoes.

All I could think about was this scene from the The Family Guy where the poor mom just wants one freaking minute alone. And it doesn’t happen.

I mean- come on. Would you want to go swimming in that water?! Crazy kids.


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