End of Year Crazies


Is it wrong that the last things my kids hear before bed every night is “Good night, I love you & I don’t want to see you again until morning.”? Because 9 nights out of 10, that is what they hear.  Here’s hoping their health insurance as adults covers therapy.


I forgot about the particular brand of crazy the end of the school year brings for the kids. They have about 2 more weeks of school left (!?!?!?!) and it seems like there is some special event every other day gearing up to it- parades! concerts! art shows! field trips! and the list goes on and on. They are having a blast and we’re so very thankful for the  amazing year both kids had, but all this excitement makes for hyped up, slightly anxious, entirely exhausted kids at home.

All I have to say right now is thank God for sports that keep them busy, early bedtimes and lilacs (because I really love lilacs).



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