Awards, Summer Fun & Honey Boo Boo


School got out last Thursday and we had one busy, busy week leading up to it. Field Days for the Bean, a field trip for Scorch, and a ceremony where Scorch was awarded the Citizenship Award for his class for his manners, kindness and ability to follow the rules. I always knew my kid was awesome but it was so very nice for other people to recognize that. The kids don’t know they are getting an award so the look on Scorch’s face was priceless when his name was called. But what got me all teary-eyed during the ceremony was how excited the other kids got when someone was called up. High-fives, cheering and lots of clapping- it did my heart good!

Now summer is officially here and it’s awesome. The kids are going to the same camp they went to last year at their school and they were beside themselves yesterday when we arrived.  The kids basically kicked me out the door and ran off without a backwards glance when I dropped them of- you can’t ask for much more than that. Both kids have come home each day smelling like sunshine and sweat with matching skinned knees, exhausted and happy.  Camp starts an hour later then school did, so it feels like we have all the time in the world in the morning now, which sets us all off on the right foot.  I do love this schedule!


For the past 6 months, Beaner’s been asking to put pink, purple, red, blue and green streaks in her hair. I’ve put her off, telling her it’s against the rules at school (which it may or may not be- but the excuse worked on her so I stuck with it) but now that summer is here, we went for it! However, when talking to our hairdresser about this eons ago, I clearly misunderstood her.  She has these tubes (they look like mascara tubes) in her salon that come in all sorts of colors. For whatever reason, I thought she had told me that she could put that on the Bean’s hair and it would last 2 weeks or so.  Perfect- it wouldn’t damage her hair and it would wash out rather quickly- I was sold.  That is, until I realized that was I wrong and that the color in the tube only lasted until you washed your hair the first time.  That’s not what we were looking for.

So that’s how the Bean ended up in foils, sitting under the dryer at the salon last Friday.  Honestly, I was ready to die- I felt like Honey Boo Boo’s mom. I mean- who DYES their 4 year old’s hair?! But I had already committed  to it with Beaner, so I was stuck.  Thankfully, my hairdresser reassured me- telling me that the color wasn’t permanent (2-3 months max) and that it wouldn’t damage her hair in anyway.  So I bit the bullet and we went for it.


It’s actually really subtle, and you really don’t notice her hair unless she’s standing in the sun.  She’s absolutely thrilled and I’m hoping I can ride this wave of thankfulness for a while yet to come!



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  1. Bean’s hair is such a beautiful color (I mean her natural color)! I love the sh1t we do for these little girls. Glad your stand-up boy was recognized for his good nature…I just love how proud they get of themselves and each other.

    And can I just say, I am wildly, insanely jealous of your kids’ camp. I mean, I know you are working full time but I could really do with outsourcing this cruise director gig for the next two months!! 😉

    • There no *way* I could stay home full time with my kids. I love them with every breath in my body, but nope- we’d all hate each other if we stayed home with each other full time. Stay at home mom’s have the hardest job, hands down!

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