The 5 Year Old Bean


My dearest Bean-

5. Five. The big 0-5. You’re 5! You’ve heard over and over again about how when you were born, you came into the world screaming and you didn’t stop for 3 hours no matter what we did. And you’ll probably continue to hear the story until the day we die because that, kid, is how we knew we were in for one heck of a ride with you. Some kids are mellow and some kids go with the flow. You’re not one of them. You were born knowing your own mind and heaven help the person who doesn’t agree. But you know what, Beaner? That’s a gift. Yes, it’s a trait that will give me grey hair and sleepless nights- but it will be one of your biggest assets and I hope you never lose your sense of self.  Because your self is awesome.

My gorgeous beach baby

My gorgeous beach baby

This year, you’ve just exploded. I mean, we knew you were a smart kid but this year it’s become apparent more then ever as you embraced school. I don’t need to buy you toys, I just need to buy you puzzles, paper and markers. You write your letters whenever and where ever and you’re constantly asking how to spell this or that. You don’t seem to care much about reading yet- but I have no doubt one the pieces fall into place for you, you will. You love to be read to and you’re interested in everything from Diego to Harry Potter.

So far you haven’t been a sport nut like your brother, and that’s fine. I wasn’t into sports either. But you’re a good spectator as long as we have food. You eat like a bird at most meals- but that’s most likely because you’re snacking (whether you’re allowed to or not) during the day. Go-Gurts, cherry tomatoes and strawberries are your favorite. As a result, the Stain Stick is my best friend as I try to keep your clothes clean.  You don’t like ice cream or cake- something that makes me question whether your my kid or not almost daily.

You are crazy fun, kid- with a quick wit that astounds us. You have the attitude of a 15 year old and can throw a “duh” at me like a pro. You get in trouble every time you do, but you don’t seem to care as long as you had your say. (See above about the grey hair). You’ve been “in love” with two 9 year olds for the past year and to their credit, they think you’re awesome and put up with your crush. That said, if you could hurry up and move on to your “boys are icky” stage for your father’s sake, that would be great.



I’ll remember 4 as the year you learned to be friends with girls. Before this school year, all your friends were boys thanks to your brother and the only girl in your immediate orbit wasn’t someone you clicked with. So it was a relief to see you make friends- good and proper friends- with other girls this year. We talk a lot about what being a good friend means and how friends treat each other- I really hope that sinks in and that you pay attention to me and my girlfriends. You’ll never, ever go wrong with kindness, kiddo.

You, Bean, are the fire in our life. Your brother- he’s my mini-me. He and I are on the same wavelength and we’ll always get each other. But you? You are your own person through and through. Scorch made me a mother, but you, sweet girl, will help me grow in this role. I love you more than macaroni and I thank God every day for you.




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