Life with the Bean


Life with the Bean has been a bit more challenging than usual lately.  That child has always known her own mind and has never been shy about voicing her thoughts – even when those thoughts are better left in her head.  Fun thoughts like “I wish I had a different Mom” and “You’re the worst brother EVER!”. Obviously there are consequences and we repeat ad nauseam “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  But really, holding her tongue is something that’s only going to come with age and maturity.

As madding as it can be, sometime that child comes out with a gem.

Earlier today the Hubs realized that the railing on our stairs was loose because our little monkeys like to hang from it. So he came upstairs where we were reading and says to the kids, “If this railing falls out of the wall because you two keep hanging from it, I’m going make you sleep outside with the animals!”

Beaner looks up from her book, calmly says “That’s a consequence I can live with. I love animals.” and kept on reading.

The Hubs had to go outside to stop from laughing in her face.

She may drive me to drink, but I adore that kid.


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