Flying Solo with Santa


Continuing on my “Sunrise, Sunset” theme of the week, we took the kids to go see Santa tonight. At first, Beaner was not having it- at all. She said she’d give Santa her list and talk to him but she wasn’t sitting on his lap or taking a picture with him. No way, no how. Given that this isn’t my first time around this particular block, I put on a festive sweater and touched up my makeup knowing darn well I was going to have to get in the picture with the kids to make it happen.

There was a small line ahead of us, including this adorable 10 month old. Her parents had her decked out in this gorgeous dress and big old bow. She couldn’t stop smiling and waving at Santa while we were in line, and the kids asked if they were that excited to see Santa when they were little. So the Hubs and I started to tell the kids about all our trips to see Santa over the years. About how Scorch would get all serious and scowl and the Bean would cry and cry the minute she was put on the big guy’s lap.  We took bets on what the little girl in front of us would do- the kids thought she’d do fine and I knew she’d lose her mind the minute her mom walked away. And that’s just what she did- the poor thing couldn’t get away from Santa fast enough as all of us in line giggled over her.

Once she was done, it was the moment of truth. Scorch was geared up and ready to go- but Beaner was the big question mark. I took off my jacket to hop in the picture with them, when Beaner let go of my hand, climbed up on Santa’s lap and told me they were fine without me.  And they were.  For the first time in 7 years, my kids took a picture with Santa without me in it because they didn’t need me in it for reassurance and comfort.

3 hours later and I’m still not sure what I think about that.


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