Favorite Kids Books- January Edition


We stumbled across some fun, fun kids books lately that I wanted to share before I forgot about them!

CrayonsThe Day the Crayons Quit: This book is a series of letters from all the crayons in Duncan’s box. All Duncan wants to do is color his picture, but his crayons want to lodge their complaints first. We had a blast with this book, giving all the crayons different voices and talking about why each crayon may feel a little slighted.  Loved it!

The Day Mr. Tiger Goes Wild:
An absolutely gorgeously illustrated book about breaking the rules and being true to yourself. The kids were mesmerized with the pictures and the story- I think we read it every night we had it from the library.

How to Train Your DragonEver since we put the breaks on reading the Harry Potter series, I’ve struggled to find a series we could love as much. We got these books for Christmas and I wasn’t too enthusiastic about them as we had already seen (and liked) the movie by the same name. Seemed a little repetitive to read the book, but we gave it a shot- and haven’t put them down yet. While the character names are the same, the plot is very different from the movie. These books are hysterical and suspenseful and a little scary and written so well that I’m loving them just as much as Scorch is! Bean listens in, but I think she’s still a tad too young to really enjoy them but I’m so glad we gave this series a chance! Since Christmas we’ve blown through book 1 and are 3/4th of the way done with book 2!


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