Dr. Mom


This morning Bean woke up and was fine…until we got in the car and then she started crying about not wanting to go to camp (the kiddos are on spring break and are going to a local day camp). She had cried at drop off on Tuesday, so I figured this was her way trying to get out of it. When we got to camp she told me she didn’t feel good- her throat hurt and her tummy hurt. I continued to think she was faking it, so I tried every trick I had to get her to go. I even pulled out the Big Guns. She and I were supposed to go to VA to visit Red and my brand new baby nephew- something she has been looking forward to all week. When I told her if she was really sick we couldn’t go, she still didn’t budge. She didn’t feel good and that was that.

At this point, I was so freaking annoyed- I had so much to do today and most of it would have gotten done a lot quicker in the office.  But I gave in and decided to work from home and keep her with me just in case (thank you new job for that flexibility!). Still in a snit, I decided we’d make a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on supplies for the guys for this weekend.  We pulled into the parking lot and she’s moving slower then I thought was possible so I’m trying (not so patiently) to get her to move her hiney.  The poor bug finally hopped out of the car and promptly threw up in the parking lot.

Huh, I guess she wasn’t faking after all.

It’s a darn good thing we had our bathroom remodeled because this is where she spent a good 3 hours today:


Mother of the Year material right there.

And when we got out of the car she promptly puked in the parking lot.


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