Choose Your Own Adventure


Today, the state tests in NY started for all 3rd – 8th grade students.  We opted Scorch out of these tests, so he had an hour and 10 minutes to read. That’s a loooooong time to read when you’re 8 so I spent some time this weekend finding books to hold his attention. One of the books I picked out was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book about the Revolutionary War that I figured he’d get a kick out of.

Evidently I picked well because when Scorch got into the car, the book was all he could talk about. He went through the adventure 6 times and he died 3 of them (which is way cool when you’re 8 and sheltered and thinking being hung as a spy is amazing). I asked about the other 3 times.

“One time, to live I had to shoot someone before he shot me. The book told me after I shot him, I immediately fell to my knees and started vomiting over the fact that I killed a man. The book said the guilt from my actions will haunt me forever.”

Huh. Well, way to get way too real there, Debbie Downer.


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