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The Simple Things


I’ve shared a time or two how I’m basically the Un-Martha Stewart.  So today when I went out and got matching bedding (including quilt, shams & a bedskirt) for the Hubs & I’s room- that was a Big Deal. We haven’t had matching bedding in about 3 years due to a certain 4 year old who shall remain nameless.

On normal days, I get out of work at 5, cook dinner, we eat at 6 and we start bedtimes around 7. But today the Hubs had to go back to work, so we ate at 5 which left the kids and I a long stretch of time to fill before bed.  The kids are still young enough that they can be tricked into thinking that doing chores is fun, so I suggested we make up my bed with the new bedding.

You would have thought I had shown them a magical toy that pooped out rainbows and unicorns- they were that excited!

We rolled around on the new bedding, wrestling and tickling and flying up on my feet for over an hour!  The kids did relay races from the kitchen to my bedroom as I made up the bed, we covered each other up with the new quilt, we bopped each other with pillows and they dived bombed me trying to knock me over. At one point, the Bean jumped on me and her mouth hit my head. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was fine and kept playing. It wasn’t until she stopped for a second that we saw the blood coming out of her mouth.  Trooper that she is, she’s says “I having too much fun to stop- keep going!”  And we most likely would have had not Scorch freaked out over the sight of blood and insisted that we clean his sister up before we started playing again. I don’t think he’s going to grow up to be a doctor.

Who knew new bedding could be so much fun? Here’s hoping a new set a dish towels tomorrow is just as amusing!


Baby Lala had a quick head scan today and the brain bleeds are the same size as they were last week. That’s really good news and we’re hoping that the next scan shows them going away! 🙂




Love is a funny thing.

The minute I laid eyes on Scorch after he was born, I was in love.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I stared at his fat cheeks and his single dimple and his widows peak and that was that. Love in its purest form.

When the Bean was born it wasn’t quite like that.  Labor and, subsequently, delivery came on hard and fast- there was no time for pain meds.  It was the middle of the night, The Hubs was in shock over how quickly things progressed and the variety of swear words I was hurling at everyone. My nurses and doctors were less then helpful. Once Bean was born, she cried for 3 hours straight and nothing- nothing– we did calmed her down.  I remember looking down at her red, angry face wondering what the hell we just got ourselves into. It wasn’t until later that morning- around 5 am- when it was just her and I and she was nursing that the love for her hit me.


Red sent out new pictures of LaLa last night.  I don’t know this child- I never had the chance to feel her kick in Red’s stomach. I’ve never touched her soft skin or nuzzled her tiny head.  But there it was again. That love.  It’s a different love then I have for my own kids, but still strong. That instant bond of family- the bond that says you belong to us. You’re so wanted. We will fight for you.  I cannot wait to start nibbling on those cheeks of hers when she’s older!

Stumped (Or: What to Buy a 2 Year Old?)


I’m deep into Santa-mode here.  We have a relatively large family, so about 3 years ago I started a spreadsheet of who we need to buy for, ideas for what to get, what I actually bought them and the cost.  It’s color coded, of course. Black for needs to still be bought, red for already purchased (totally not kidding).

Out of the 20+ names on this list of people to buy for one only name has nothing under either the ideas OR the gifts bought column.  That person? Beaner.

I am completely, totally stumped on what to buy my 2 year old daughter.  Every where I look, I’m finding ideas for Scorch.  In fact, I may have bought him so much that I’ll have to save stuff for his birthday.

It shouldn’t be too hard to buy for a 2 year old girl, right?

I walked through an entire Toys R Us today and nothing sparked my interest. She has a small fascination with Tinker Bell, but do I really want to start feeding into the Disney Princess/Fairy love that I’m sure will come fast enough on its own? Some of those aisles looked like a Pepto-Bismol bottle exploded over them and I just can’t stand that much pink in my house. She’s getting the most coveted gifts from her grandparents and is honestly just as happy running around, hanging off the furniture, playing with Scorch’s dinosaurs as she is anything else.

I did get her some Play-Dough, activity books and giant coloring book. I may just re-wrap some of her old toys and hope she doesn’t notice.


According to the NICU doc today, no one bothered to tell Lala that she’s a 28 week old preemie because she certainly isn’t acting like one! That little girl is amazing people left and right with how well she continues to do. 🙂 Red got to change her diaper and take her temp today, which is awesome! I can’t imagine how hard it is not to hold your baby whenever you want, so I’m thrilled she got more hands on time with her baby.  Hoping TBO gets to interact more with Lala soon too!

Red goes home from the hospital tomorrow, so if you can all spare some good thoughts because I can’t imagine leaving Lala will be an easy thing to do.



There are two things we have been doing a lot lately with the Bean:

1) Talking about Santa coming. That jolly old elf is an awesome, awesome threat this time of year- all I have to do is say “Santa’s watching…” and the kids straighten right up

2) Reading her Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. It’s been her favorite book forever and it gets read at least nightly by her father.  When the Hubs is done reading it to her, he immediately starts blowing raspberries on her bee-bo (the name the baby hippo in the book calls his belly button) and they laugh until she gets hiccups.

Somehow in her 2 year old mind, the Bean has gotten the two things- Santa and her bee-bo- combined.  Anytime we see Santa, she asks two things- is Santa coming to our house (yes) and will Santa blow on her bee-bo when he does (no).  This bee-bo blowing is a major concern because she will tell you in no uncertain terms that Santa should not blow on her belly.  Only daddy can do that.

I’m not sure why Beaner thinks Santa is a belly-button-blowing creep, but it’s hysterically funny to see her cover up her belly each and every time she see’s him!

Lala had another very quiet, uneventful night last night and day today!  Her jaundice is a tad bit worse, but it’s not in to the scary range yet, so the docs just added more billi lights to her tanning bed.  Red got to see her a few times and hopefully soon she  can start changing her diaper and taking her temp.



1 lb 14 oz


When my sister, Red,  and her husband, TBO, were dealing with infertility I understood the world they were living in. We may have undergone different procedures, but I spoke the language. IUI. IVF. 2WW. BFN. U/S. And then finally, BFP. I could commiserate and offer advice. It’s not a road anyone wants to walk down, but at least Red & TBO weren’t walking it alone.


Red’s pregnancy went from routine to high risk last Friday.  Then on Sunday it went from high risk to critical. Family was called and we all started living on pins and needles.

Yesterday morning it was decided that it was safer for everyone if Red had the baby.  She was only 28 weeks along, but my niece wasn’t growing fast enough and Red’s health was in danger.

Yesterday afternoon my niece, LaLa, was born weighing 1 lb 14 oz.  Amazingly enough, she was born crying. Even more amazingly, she’s breathing on her own with minimal assistance and her heart rate and blood pressure are picture perfect. I believe the nurses even called her a rock star.  Red, thankfully, is also recovering well from her surgery!


There are so many things that absolutely stink about this situation- namely that a teeny-tiny baby will spending the next few months in the NICU.  For the family that lives 350 miles away from Red, TBO and LaLa, it’s the feeling of helplessness. Red & TBO were forced into a whole new world yesterday, a world that the vast majority of us have never even visited yet alone lived in.  Thankfully they aren’t without some great resource both within our extended family and their friends to help them along.  I just wish there was more the rest of us could do besides hope and pray.