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The Mouth That Never Shut


Oh my, oh my- my 6 year old is killing me lately. Scorch has always been a talker, but lately the wit / back talk is at an all time high. The worst part is, it’s equal parts infuriating and funny.

For example, Scorch gets in a lot of trouble for using potty words (literal potty words- pee, poop, fart, etc). It’s a huge pet peeve of mine and something we must address at least a dozen times a day. Finally out of frustration earlier this week, after Scorch had already lost some major privileges, I finally just said “I have no idea how to get through to you any more, Buddy.”

Without missing a beat, Scorch deadpans “Talk slower next time.”

I didn’t know whether to slap his smart little mouth or laugh until I cried.

On the drive home from FL this weekend Scorch was using potty words (again). After being reminded numerous time to knock it off, the Hubs finally said to him, “Stop with the language now or I’ll give you something to cry about”***  Again, without taking a breath, Scorch came back with “a rotten apple with a worm in it?”

Wha? How? Seriously, how do you deal with that? So now on top of teaching him to watch his language, we’re also working very hard on teaching him when to use his humor to defuse a situation and when to stay quiet. It may be a losing battle.

***Here’s hoping that all of you know that wasn’t a threat of violence- it was a threat to take away the iPad- a horrible fate on a 20+ hour road trip. We’ve never, ever hit our kids- even when they deserved it. 😉