Today Was A Good Day


First, the Hubs got some very unexpected, potentially very good news in regards to his job. This is a rarity, so we’re relishing it!

Second, Scorch survived his first day at school! The poor kid was a bundle of nerves this morning and there were tears (his and mine) at drop off, but he seems to have done great after we left.  He told me had a great time and liked his teachers- win!  I’m ignoring the fact that he also said that he’s not going back and that tomorrow morning may be more difficult.

Third, we had a great celebratory dinner out tonight with the kids. Dining out with a 4 year old and a 2 year old is always a crap shoot, but tonight they were rock stars (as long as you ignore the occasional crawling under the table/trying to climb the booth wall episodes. Which I do).

Fourth- NFL season kicks off! While I still really annoyed that summer is over, at least cooler weather = football and that makes me happy.


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